LCD Soundsystem Live Review

Throw; Talking Heads, Bowie, a couple of members of Kraftwerke, U2, New Order, Vangelis and a healthy dollop of disco and you might get something close to LCD Soundsystem, who delivered one of the most; complete, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, dance infused performances I have ever seen at Alexandra Palace on Saturday night.

The New York group are veterans of stunning performances as their show at Madison Square Gardens, meant to be the last ever, had people in tears in 2013. 

Despite releasing their excellent new album a few weeks ago, only a couple of songs were played as a set of their best songs from across the LCD discography.

It is hard to find a group which is so strong lyrically, has riffs to die for and hooks which could catch killer whales, but that is why Soundsystem are revered so highly.

‘I Can Change’ came after ‘Us v Them’ opened proceedings and immediately, the 7,000 or so were plugged directly into the LCD mainframe. ‘You Wanted a Hit’ is the type of song every artist wished they could write and ‘Tonight’, one of the new songs, is impossible not to move to.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-26 at 21.25.55

For once, Ally Pally seemed too small to contain the crackling energy erupting from the stage all night. Instead it bulged as the Victorian venue pulsated with pure energy and light beams reflected from the mirrored ball, cutting through darkness and into the minds of the baying mass.

The lighting alone was a thing of beauty as the electronic orchestra, made up of three drum kits and a whole host of equipment I have never seen before, got covered with soft pink and blue as if a different coloured sunrise was bringing up the rear.

‘New York I Love You’ is the type of song anybody who has lived in a megacity can relate to as the conflict between being infatuated with inner city life and being ground down by the invisible forces at play, are borne out. It was one of the final songs but the volume was only getting louder until ‘All My Friends’ triggered an all-out assault on the senses of those lucky enough to be present.

As front man, James Murphey, blasted out the final chorus ‘Where are your friends tonight’ I thought that, despit the fact that I had literally lost my friends, it was alright because strangers starting grabbing each other and absolute joy broke out in North London. Space seems to open up in the crowd and bouncing on feet turned into full dance routines as the question; ‘Where are my friends Tonight?’ was answered. They were everywhere for everyone.

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