Nova Twins Live Review


Nova Twins are a three piece afro punk band made up of lead guitarist/vocalist Amy Love, bassist Georgia South and drummer Tim Nugent, who I was invited to watch during their first ever London headline show.

Stepping out onto stage at Camden Assembly on Thursday night, it was immediately clear that I was in for one hell of a ride. Love appeared completely possessed and belted through a riotous set without giving anyone a moments rest, not that anyone wanted one anyway.

‘Hitlist’, ‘Bassline Bitch’, ‘Drums’, ‘Wave’ and ‘Twitch’ are all songs featured on the 2017 EP and were all hammered into the North London rabble who soaked up every scream and screeching riff with joy.

This was loud, fast, fuck you music, which dragged me right into the middle of the thrashing crowd and didn’t let go until I had been thoroughly used. Not that I have ever seen Lauren Hill perform but I was reminded of her watching Love and South deliver so much aggression on stage. Thier particular brand of punk is alchemistic in its infusion with rap and electronica as highlighted by the robotronic vocals delivered through one of the two microphones used by Amy Love.

The final song of the night arrived after a fire infused 45, Love unleashed, jumping off stage and throwing herself into the pit before being hoisted into the air with yours truly going full Patrick Swayze.

And then it was over and the exorcism was complete, the devil had been released and the floor was finally given a second to rest after a thorough pummelling by the none stop bouncing crowd.

Raucous thanks were given by the Assembly and returned by the Twins whos snarling faces turned to smiles as friends grabbed them from one side of the stage to pass on their jubilation.

Two days after Nova Twins, I’m going to see Gorillaz perform their millionth headline show at the Birmingham Arena for thousands. I’m sure it will be excellent, but will I have as much fun as I did in Camden? Will I be able to hoist Damon Alburn six feet into the air while he screams pure punk into a fire filled cauldron of unbound energy?

Unlikely….And this is the point that I’m trying to make;

At a certain point, a barrier is put in between a crowd and a band and very slowly, the gap gets bigger until it turns into a 5-meter space filled with miserable looking beef heads.

So go and see Nova Twins while you can still have beer spat all over you from Amy Love, go and see them while all of their friends are still at the side of the stage to grab them when they’re finished, go and see them while they are still mingling with everyone before and after their show, because it might not be long before the stage is much bigger and you have a serious fight on your hands to party with the Nova Twins.

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