3 of the best business decisions ever made

Investing money and making big decisions in life and business is a huge challenge.

The risks are big and there are no guarantees about what will happen in the future, regardless of how much planning and thinking goes into making a decision.

Just look at what happens when the wrong decisions are made by reading our article on the biggest mistakes in business and financial history here.

But sometimes, big decisions pay off big time.

So here are three of the best business and financial decisions made in recent history.

Henry Ford doubles workers wages

Apple re-hires Steve Jobs 

Google employees accept shares as payment 

Henry Ford doubles workers wages

As a business owner, you would think that doubling the amount of money you pay to employees would be bad practice, but not Henry Ford, founder of the Automotive giant.

Having launched the Ford Model T in the early part of the 20th century, Ford exploded in size and revenues rocketed. 

As a result, Mr Ford gave his workers a big increase in wages, which had the knock-on effect of turning them into consumers of their own products.

The workers made money from Ford but effectively gave it all back when buying the Ford Model T, driving (no pun intended) sales through the roof.

Apple re-hires Steve Jobs 

Having been removed by the board of Apple, Steve Jobs was left reeling after leaving the very company he founded 20 years previously.

However, after a succession of bad decisions and massive financial losses which rose to over $1 billion, Apple decided that it needed its creative spearhead back.

When they did, Jobs brought his new software with him, reinvigorating the failing business.

A few short years later, Apple was considered to be one of the most innovative and successful businesses of all time and as of 2018, was valued at over $900 billion.

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