Cage the Elephant EP review

Cage the elephant are back with a four track EP following the release of their new single ‘Ready to Let Go’.

The Kentucky band last released an album in 2015, but will be returning to the road with new album ‘Social Cues’ due for release on April 19th.

The EP starts with ‘Goodbye’, a track so far from what you would expect from the Southern State chaos rockers, that you’ll check whether you put the wrong song on.

It’s a powerful start none the less.

All my life I read between the lines

Held on too tight, you know I tried

But in the end it left me paralyzed

It’s alright, goodbye, goodbye

Seems like yesterday, I was a child

Just a ripple in the folds of time

I wish you well, I want to see you smile

It’s alright, goodbye


It’s the sort of song you can’t help but stop and pay attention to, there is no working on a spreadsheet or scheduling social media posts, you just listen.

There’s a swell of orchestral strings throughout and its a stirring piece of music which pulls you back into your own memory of when said goodbye to someone for the last time.

‘Ready to Let Go’ is a return to what most would expect from Cage;

Don’t you worry, baby, no sense trying to change it

I’ma strike these matches, never had control

I’m ready to let go, no, was I fooling myself?

I’ma spread these ashes, never had control

I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready to let go

It’s an immediate response to ‘Goodbye’, as if to say, ‘I’m over it’

‘Night Running’ is instantly reminiscent of The Specials and ‘Ghost Town’ while ‘House of Glass’ is one of the tracks which will get people throwing themselves around and their beers everywhere during live shows, as typical screeching guitars return for another quintessential body blowing three minutes. 

It’s a promising collection of tracks which work well together, hopefully the full album still has some heavy hitters left in the tank. 

Listen to the full EP on Spotify by clicking here, which will open the App automatically.

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