LCD Soundsystem Live Review

Throw; Talking Heads, Bowie, a couple of members of Kraftwerke, U2, New Order, Vangelis and a healthy dollop of disco and you might get something close to LCD Soundsystem, who delivered one of the most; complete, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, dance infused performances I have ever seen at Alexandra Palace on Saturday night. The New York group are veterans of stunning performances as their show … Continue reading LCD Soundsystem Live Review

World on Fire – Amy Chua

‘How exporting free market democracy breeds ethnic hatred & global instability’ Amy Chua’s book puts forward a compelling case to support the statement above and cites a huge number of examples, throughout history, to demonstrate how democracy and free markets have been to blame for genocides, war and ethnic hatred all over the world. Before picking up ‘World on Fire’, I had an opinion, which … Continue reading World on Fire – Amy Chua

Maccabees Live Review

14 years ago, The Maccabees decided to throw everything they had into the music industry. In the time that has passed, the London based band have toured the world, released four studio albums and lapped up international plaudits. Nights of unparalleled ecstasy, days of lazy joy, fights over songs, girls and moments of perfect harmony will have punctuated the last decade and a half but … Continue reading Maccabees Live Review

Mac DeMarco Live Review

Mac Demarco brought his unique psychedelic rock to London on Wednesday night and treated the Brixton crowd to new material intertwined with the best songs from his previous albums. The Canadian combines a range of styles to produce his lazy summer tunes and has enjoyed a metronomic rise since his first tour in 2009 under the name Makeout Videotape. Having developed something of a madman … Continue reading Mac DeMarco Live Review