Expo 2020 Dubai

Every five years, the World Expo is held in a selected city in order to promote the most innovative businesses and developments from around the world.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to visit the site, which is currently under construction in Dubai.

We were asked to help contribute towards creating social media content to promote the event, by writing video scripts, social media captions and text overlays to accompany instagram videos.

Click below to view some examples of our work with Expo 2020.

Expo Live Site Comes to Life

Welcome to the Morocco Pavilion

Sustainability in the UAE

The Expo Site Opens…

Sustainability in the Philippines

Kintrans – Expo Live Grantee

Selina Wamucii

The Co-Operative

Co-Op Funeral Care launched its own knowledge centre in 2018, meaning that a plethora of content was required to help inform and educated their customers on all of the issues surrounding the loss of a loved one.

A high level of sensitivity was required when creating guides and support advice for those who had lost a family member or friend, something which was paramount in the brief from Co-Op.

Click below to view some our work for The Co-Operative.

How to Close a Person’s Facebook Account When They Pass Away

How to Write a Eulogy

How, When and Where to Register a Death

Closing a Bank Account After Someone Passes Away

Tips for Getting Through a Funeral Speech

What Does a Memorialised Account on Facebook Mean?

Vivid Travel

Vivid Travel is a luxury travel agency which caters for travellers looking for once in a lifetime experiences.

A range of descriptive content was required for a number of pages across the website, in order to inspire interest in tours and experiences.

Click the links below to view our work for Vivid Travel.

Watch the world famous Kecak Fire Dance

Chiloé Island boat trip, Puerto Varas

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Torres del Paine adventure, Torres del Paine National Park

Base Torres Viewpoint trek, Torres del Paine

Ubud Temple Tour

Ubud Town & Tegenungan Waterfall tour

Kayaking in Lake Toro, Torres del Paine

Paddle boarding in Laguna Bonita, Torres del Paine

Scenic Paine and Fauna trail, Torres del Paine

Kene Partners

Kene Partners is a Research & Development consultancy which helps UK businesses claim tax relief from the government.

Operating across a number of sectors, Kene Partners is aiming to build its reputation as a ‘thought leader’ in order to attract new business and establish a regular stream of content to publish on social media.

Working with the team, we contribute a number of blog posts each month, researching the latest developments and innovations across industries including; Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Finance, Food & Beverage, Information & Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Transport and much more.

Here are some of the articles written for Kene Partners over the past year.

Innovative Food & Beverage Companies To Watch In 2019

Recent innovations in Drink Production

Recent Innovations in Sustainable Packaging

Innovations In Wastewater Treatment

The Current Shape Of London’s Public Transport Service

What Does a Post-Brexit World mean for UK Innovation?

Recent Developments in Sustainable Construction

How To Grow A Business Through Sustainability

For more Kene Partners content, view their ‘Insights’ section by clicking here.

Lion + Mason

Lion + Mason is a UX and design agency with offices in London and York.

The business wanted to increase the amount of content it shared online, while also targeting keywords to increase organic traffic and leads.

As a result, our team was commissioned to produce a number of in-depth feature articles focusing on the latest developments online and in the UX sector.

Click on any of the titles below to read the content we produced for Lion + Mason.

Using AI To Improve User Experience

How Continuity Helps Create A Smooth User Experience

How Technical Debt Is Holding Back Your Digital Transformation Goals

The Golden Rules of UX for Mobile Apps & Services

How User Experience Helps Create A More Sustainable Business

What Is ‘Service Design’ And Why Do You Need It?

UX And The Rise Of Smart Cities


A diverse range of content has been completed over the past four years for all of the following businesses, with specific examples of work provided below.

How to Avoid the 6 Causes of Business Failure

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Decorating Business?

How to structure your business for success

Monaco: Your Gateway to Europe

Saving money on car maintenance

How to survive the winter blues – Part 2

What’s the best performance car for the money?

What are the dos and don’ts of modifying my car?

What are the car modification laws in the UK?

How a suit should fit

What NOT to do if you’re new to the UK

Sneaky tricks used by homebuyers

The economics of going vegetarian

The Future of Mercedes: The Models of Tomorrow

Top Tips for Looking After Your Audi

Future Audi Models In The Pipeline – What Can We Expect?